CommuniText™ for Microsoft® Outlook® Standard Version
First User: £25 (includes 100 SMS)
For enhanced security, CommuniText operates differently from other plug-ins available, in that each user must be explicitly registered on the portal. This means that each user is individually set up by us. This contrasts with other SMS products where anyone with your password could possibly gain access to your account using a free download.
Additional User: £20 (includes 100 SMS)
Pro Version
First User: £45 (includes 100 SMS)
Additional User: £25 (includes 100 SMS)

Volume licence prices are available - please contact us

SMS Message Costs

The costs of delivering SMS messages via the Internet have recently risen in the UK due to the imposition of cross-network termination charges on messages originating outside the country. Previously, low-reliability and low-cost messages were generally sent via networks outside the UK. With the new termination charges, there is now no advantage in using these external routes.

Consequently, RSD Mobile use only high-quality UK delivery routes for all SMS messages. 

RSD Mobile operate a flat-rate cost of 5.5p per message (excl. VAT). If your message volumes are expected to exceed 10 000 per month then contact us for volume rates.

Managed Mobile Marketing

Please contact us for pricing information on our mobile marketing services.



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