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About RSD Mobile

  RSD Mobile is the mobile products section of RSD Associates, a supplier of advanced statistical analysis and data access tools to industry since 1993. RSD Associates has extensive expertise in data analysis, remote data access and general database solutions.

Our current strategy exploits this expertise within the mobile wireless environment, and we are developing a number of products targeted at specific vertical markets. 

We operate RSD Mobile as an on-line business for one simple reason - to keep costs down. In this way we can provide a range of powerful mobile messaging and data products at affordable cost to the end-user.


Our current products are:

CommuniText™ for
Microsoft® Outlook®

easy-to-use plug-in for Outlook 2000 and above.

Coming soon...

Networked communications system with SMS and Instant Messaging.

Secure, flexible remote data access
and data entry.



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